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Here are the bibles I've had the pleasure of scanning into posterity. Unless otherwise noted, all are scanned from original sources. Image size and clarity is in the process of being tweaked--page thumbnails for each entry are a bit fuzzy at the moment.

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Abie the Agent Abie the Agent

Abe's babe Rheba is plumbed.

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: ethnic/jewish;cuckoldry

Annie -- The Snooper Annie -- The Snooper

Daddy Warbucks shows Annie how to develop a more intimate relationship with her loyal pup Sandy.

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: toons;animals;girls

Boob McNut -- The Meaning of Jazz Boob McNut -- The Meaning of Jazz

Boob learns the "meaning of Jazz" by observing the wild kingdom. Extra-special guest appearance by Krazy Kat!

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: toons;bestiality

Dixie Dugan Dixie Dugan

An "artist" seduces a lady the cover indicates is "Dixie Dugan," finally revealing he pens fuck books.

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: injokes;

Ella Cinders -- Tsk-Tsk Ella Cinders -- Tsk-Tsk

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: toons

Esther Williams -- Get a Li'l Like the Fishes Do Esther Williams -- Get a Li'l Like the Fishes Do

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: stars/estherwilliams;ethnic/black

George Bungle George Bungle

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: toons

Robert Mitchum in 'Goof Butts' Robert Mitchum in "Goof Butts"

Robert Mitchum wields weed to win wild women.

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: drugs;stars/robertmitchum

J Wellington Wimpy -- Back To His First Love J Wellington Wimpy -- Back To His First Love

Popeye's Wimpy forsakes hamburgers for the more delicate scent of a woman...or does he?

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: toons;oldpeople

Jiggs -- Let's Go To Bed Dear Jiggs -- Let's Go To Bed Dear

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: toons;oldpeople

John Dillinger -- A Hasty Exit John Dillinger -- A Hasty Exit

The original gangster uses his extraordinary endowment to evade capture and slake his manly man's thirst for coitus.

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: crime

Letta Laye Presents Ella Cinders Letta Laye Presents Ella Cinders

Man identifying himself as "Craig Turner the artist" seduces the lovely Ella.

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: injokes

Major Hoople -- The Judge Major Hoople -- The Judge

The compassionate Judge Hoople gives a misguided young lady a second chance. The legitimate Major Hoople first appeared in "Our Boarding House" (by Gene Ahern) in 1922.

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: toons

Max Beer Loses Max Beer Loses

Historical examination of boxer Max Baer's sudden fall as champion.

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: sports;scat

Moon Mullins -- Theme Songs Moon Mullins -- Theme Songs

Contemporary comic strip star Moon Mullins waxes musical through the perverse filter of Tijuana Bibles.

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: anal;oldpeople;tampons

She Saw the World's Fair -- and how! She Saw the World's Fair -- and how!

Lady takes a ride through the 1939 NYC World's Fair.

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: events/worldsfair

The Hillbilly The Hillbilly

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: ethnic/redneck;gold-diggers

Today I Am a Man! Today I Am a Man!

A little man delivers a message to the wife of his boss and becomes a wide-eyed participant in the celebrated Tijuana pastime of cuckoldry.

Posted: 20010618
Keywords: boys;cuckoldry

How To Keep From Growing Old How To Keep From Growing Old

A nicely-drawn melange of various "biblical" themes and gags.

Posted: 20010619
Keywords: girls;masturbation;anal;ethnic/jewish;ethnic/black

Wally and the Pageboy Wally and the Pageboy

King Edward surrendered his crown in December 1936 for his lover Wallace Simpson. Here, Wally the Gay Divorcee frolics with a turgid pageboy.

Posted: 20010619
Keywords: stars/wallacesimpson;boys;cuckoldry

Good Night Nurse Good Night Nurse

Sexual healing, Tijuana style.

Posted: 20010619
Keywords: fetish/nurse

Jitterbug Bug Contest -- at the World's Fair Jitterbug Bug Contest -- at the World's Fair

They're dancing as fast as they can -- at the World's Fair!

Posted: 20010619
Keywords: events/worldsfair

Marie, the French Maid Marie, the French Maid

Posted: 20010619
Keywords: oldpeople;fetish/frenchmaid;ethnic/french;analingus;cunnilingus

She Asked For a Small Piece -- but She Asked For a Small Piece -- but

Mrs. Jones is treated to some Italian ice.

Posted: 20010619
Keywords: ethnic/italian;cuckoldry

The Adventures of a Fuller Brush Man 'Hot Pants' The Adventures of a Fuller Brush Man "Hot Pants"

The tables are turned on our intrepid salesman during a randy boat ride between towns!

Posted: 20010619
Keywords: fetish/salesman

The Thrills of a Parachute Jump The Thrills of a Parachute Jump

The 1939 World's Fair must have produced some kind of baby boomlet. Here's another chronicle of fairground fucking from Wesley Morse.

Posted: 20010619
Keywords: events/worldsfair

Wally In the Bath Wally In the Bath

More fun with Wallace Simpson, seductress of royalty.

Posted: 20010619
Keywords: stars/wallacesimpson;cuckoldry;fetish/butler;anal

Wash Tubbs and Easy in 'Captured' Wash Tubbs and Easy in "Captured"

Washington Tubbs II and his beefy sidekick Captain Easy are caught communing with nature. Captain Easy "pleads his case" with the Queen.

Posted: 20010619
Keywords: toons;ethnic/german;fetish/royalty

Andy Gump Has an Unusual Piece Andy Gump Has an Unusual Piece

Andy Gump, fed up with his wife's rejections, searches out new and unusual pleasures.

Posted: 20011021
Keywords: toons;transexual;anal/male;ethnic/black;weird/bifurcatedpenis;rape/male

Archie and Veronica Archie and Veronica

Archie calls up Veronica for some illicit Riverdale shenanigans.

Posted: 20011021
Keywords: toons

Bebby Snooks in the Hay Loft Bebby Snooks in the Hay Loft

Little Bebby Snooks disobeys pappy and ends up harvesting all manner of strange growths in the hay loft.

Posted: 20011021
Keywords: toons;boys;girls;anal;fetish/vegetables;fetish/spanking;ethnic/redneck;masturbation

Dorothy Lamour in 'Purple Passion in the South Seas' Dorothy Lamour in "Purple Passion in the South Seas"

Dotty provides high SPF to the pained prick of a fellow sunbather.

Posted: 20011021
Keywords: stars/dorothylamour

Freckles and his Friends Freckles and his Friends

Freckles is a few pills short as he fills a prescription for the pharmacist's daughter.

Posted: 20011021
Keywords: toons

Jiggs and Maggie Jiggs and Maggie

The ubiquitous Jiggs puts the new maid through her paces.

Posted: 20011021
Keywords: toons;flatulence;fetish/maid

Phil Fumble in 'He Done Her Wrong' Phil Fumble in "He Done Her Wrong"

Phil Fumble is tried before the court (of Major Hoople?) in the case of an unfortunately prolapsed rectum.

Posted: 20011021
Keywords: toons;fetish/bbw;ethnic/redneck

Schnozzle Schnozzle

Jimmy "Schnozzle" Durante regales a winsome lass with tales of his randy exploits, punctuating the tale in his inimitable manner.

Posted: 20011021
Keywords: stars/jimmydurante;fetish/nose;bestiality;ethnic/asian

Smitty 'The Office Boy' Smitty "The Office Boy"

Smitty the Office Boy peeps his way to the top.

Posted: 20011021
Keywords: fetish/voyeurism;fetish/secretary;fetish/menstruation;anal/female;analingus

Uncle Willie and Moon in 'Masquerade' Uncle Willie and Moon in "Masquerade"

Moon Mullins advises Uncle Willie to go undercover, but the whacky scheme hatches crazy transgender shenanigans!

Posted: 20011021
Keywords: toons;fetish/transvestite;rape/male

Untitled Untitled

Mrs. Jiggs joins Mack in some innocent voyeurism gone horribly wrong!

Posted: 20011021
Keywords: toons;fetish/secretary;fetish/virgin;fetish/voyeurism;anal;castration

William Powell and Myrna Loy in 'Nuts to Will Hays' William Powell and Myrna Loy in "Nuts to Will Hays"

Nick and Nora take their urbane banter offscreen and in the buff.

Posted: 20011021
Keywords: stars/williampowell;stars/myrnaloy

E Nawder Titzoff Presents Geo Bungle E Nawder Titzoff Presents Geo Bungle

George Bungle has an idea to get rich quint.

Posted: 20011209
Keywords: toons;masturbation

Artists and Models Artists and Models

Fate intervenes as an heroic cab driver happens upon an effete artist molesting an innocent model girly.

Posted: 20020204
Keywords: ethnic/semitic

Geezil in 'Gimme Beck' Geezil in "Gimme Beck"

Geezil is schnookered by a hooker -- or is he?

Posted: 20020204
Keywords: ethnic/semitic

The Katzenjammers in 'Shipwrecked' The Katzenjammers in "Shipwrecked"

The Captain has the happy luck of being ashore when a sweet castaway washes up on his beach...

Posted: 20020204
Keywords: ethnic/german; toons

Eclipse the Bell Hop Eclipse the Bell Hop

Eclipse the Bell Hop likes big butts. This he can't deny.

Posted: 20020310
Keywords: ethnic/black

Sheza Floppe Presents Popeye Sheza Floppe Presents Popeye

Popeye rescues a damsel in distress.

Posted: 20020310
Keywords: toons/popeye

Skippy Has a Dream Skippy Has a Dream

Little Skippy dreams of being teacher's pet.

Posted: 20020310
Keywords: fetish/teacher;boys

Terry and the Pirates Terry and the Pirates

In order to escape the clutches of the Dragon QueenLady, our hero must slake her lusty thirst!

Posted: 20020310
Keywords: toons;fetish/bdsm

The Kid Sister -- The Winner The Kid Sister -- The Winner

Two sisters employ a stranger on the street to judge a contest deciding which of the two is the better go-er.

Posted: 20020310
Keywords: fetish/sisters

Wm. P. Mullins Wm. P. Mullins

Ol' Mullins involves himself in randy circumstances once more.

Posted: 20020310
Keywords: toons; cunnilingus

Clark Gabel in The Shiek Clark Gabel in The Shiek

"Clark Gabel" escorts Mr. Goldcrap's wife to the opera. Better put "escorts her to the opera" in euphemistic quotes.

Posted: 20020321

Dan Dunn Dan Dunn

Dan Dunn investigates the case of the cunt-chomping cuckold.

Posted: 20020321

Gus and Gussie -- Having a Good Time Gus and Gussie -- Having a Good Time

Gus enlightens Gussie as to the many ways a bad egg could take advantage of an "innercent" girl.

Posted: 20020321

Kid Sister Kid Sister

An incestuous fugue on a theme of Lolita.

Posted: 20020321

Nancy and Sluggo Nancy and Sluggo

Nancy and Sluggo scratch their respective "itches."

Posted: 20020321

Polly -- It's Really an Art Polly -- It's Really an Art

Polly is drawn (and skewered) by a young artiste.

Posted: 20020321

Smitty in An Office Idyll Smitty in An Office Idyll

Smitty the Office Boy shows the ropes to their new stenographer.

Posted: 20020321

Snow White Snow White

What collection of underground pornography would be complete without at least one rendition of the wet and wild sodomistic fairyland which was Snow White's domestic life with the diminutive septuplets?

Posted: 20020321

Brotherly Love Brotherly Love

A kindly sister instructs her younger sibling in the ways of love.

Posted: 20020504

Sally Gets Her Men Sally Gets Her Men

Why couldn't we have known girls like this in high school?

Posted: 20020504

The Doctor The Doctor

There's nothing about frigidity this doctor can't cure!

Posted: 20020504

The Mail Man The Mail Man

Mr. Speedy Delivery takes some time to go over new postal regulations with a comely housewife.

Posted: 20020504

The Nurse The Nurse

Convalescence through the filter of Penthouse Forum.

Posted: 20020504

Tillie the Firewoman Tillie the Firewoman

Tillie battles the recession with duty at a fire station, but her supply of coochie trails demand and San Franciscan hijinks ensue!

Posted: 20020504

Mutt and Jeff: Historieta (Galante) Mutt and Jeff: Historieta (Galante)

I have no idea what is going on in this title, but it involves Mutt and Jeff and a little guy resembling the Monopoly Man. Enjoy!

Posted: 20030329
Keywords: toons

Girl Talk Girl Talk

Back to the 60's with this tale of a mother asking her friend to counsel her daughter on her wayward lifestyle.

Posted: 20040624
Keywords: lesbian;threesome

Girls School Girls School

A new arrival shares her sapphic experience with her new college roommate.

Posted: 20040705
Keywords: lesbian;schoolgirl

The Iceman Cometh The Iceman Cometh

A shirtless stud of a deliverman brings a lonely housewife her block of icy-hot refreshment.

Posted: 20040712
Keywords: milkman;cuckoldry;specialdelivery

Popeye Popeye

Popeye and Wimpy man the homefront as a sailor's wife hungers for something more filling than spinach.

Posted: 20040719
Keywords: cartoons;popeye

Spring Spring

A couple's picnic porking draws in another twosome for a celebration of the rites of Spring.

Posted: 20040802
Keywords: foursome;couples

The Maid The Maid

The monumentally endowed "Tim" celebrates the special bond between a boy and his nanny.

Posted: 20040802
Keywords: maid;seduction;olderwoman

Smiling Jack in 'A Forced Landing' Smiling Jack in "A Forced Landing"

Smiling Jack crash-lands on a desert island, but the natives make him less than restless for rescue...

Posted: 20040809
Keywords: cartoons;smilingjack;desertisland;castaway

The Pet The Pet

A girl's best friend is her dog.

Posted: 20040824
Keywords: bestiality;dogs;teens

The Shower The Shower

Sexy girl spurred to experimental masturbation by catching her cousin unleashing his familial dong for a wee-wee.

Posted: 20040824
Keywords: teens;masturbation;virgins

Layla Always Gets Her Girl Layla Always Gets Her Girl

Layla hunts the most dangerous prey: woman!

Posted: 20041005
Keywords: lesbians;bdsm;bondage;slave

Barney Google Barney Google

Can Barney Google satisfy the French whore Fifi?

Posted: 20050531
Keywords: cartoons;barneygoogle

Dagwood - All In a Day's Work Dagwood - All In a Day's Work

Dagwood utilizes the office pool to its full extent, entailing deep penetration of multiple hot early twentieth-century vagina canals. Enjoy!

Posted: 20071127
Keywords: cartoons;dagwood;blondie

Chris Crusty VII Chris Crusty VII

Chris Crusty cruises and loses.

Posted: 20071201
Keywords: cartoons;chris crusty

Jane Arden VI Jane Arden VI

Jane Arden plumbs the depths of a handyman's sexual potency.

Posted: 20071201
Keywords: cartoons;jane arden

Little Annie Rooney and Zero Little Annie Rooney and Zero

"Little Orphan Annie" knock-off Little Annie Roonie (and her little dog, too!) are taught French fun and games by maid Fifi, only to have her pre-adolescent initiation into the finer things disrupted by the monstrous, maniacal cock of a surprise guest star...

Posted: 20071201
Keywords: cartoons;little annie roonie

Schneewittchen und die 7 Zwerge Schneewittchen und die 7 Zwerge

In only the second non-English bible I've "come across", Snow White appears to be accosted by dwarves, the evil stepmother ties dwarf dicks in a knot for some reason, and the prince arrives to save the day via a jolly good rogering as the shorties jerk it behind the grassy knoll.

Posted: 20110320

Plastic Man in The Stretch Plastic Man in The Stretch

Posted: 20110621

Superboy in Big Bet Superboy in Big Bet

Posted: 20110621

Capt. Marvel Jr. Capt. Marvel Jr.

Posted: 20110621

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