Tijuana Bibles

Artists and Models


Fate intervenes as an heroic cab driver happens upon an effete artist molesting an innocent model girly.







Page 1

(A Trotskyite artist squeezes the beauteous buttocks of a squirming model.)
Model: You brute!
Artist:Aw come on be a sport
Cabby: Hold it!
(A cab pulls up and its super-schnozzed driver runs to the rescue!)

Page 2

(Cabby chases Artist away with his crankshaft.)
Artist: Help!!
Cabby: Wait a minute!
Model: Boo Hoo

Page 3

(Cabby moves in to console the molested model with a quick clasp of her fuzzy nethers. His semitic features bespeak Nazi propaganda.)
Cabby: What wuz he tryin' to do, Baby?
Model: Oh sir, How can I ever repay you? He brought me out here to paint me in the nude and then tried to make improper advances.
(The model hides her eyes in shame.)

Page 4

(Cabby offers his own pulsating prong to settle her down, or for her to settle down on, as the case may be.)
Cabby: C'mon an set on this bank -- mebbe I can give you something to cheer you up.
Model: Anything you say dear -- I want to forget that terrible experience.
(The model's eyes remain shielded!)

Page 5

(Cabby eagerly mounts the distressed damsel, still sobbing behind her hand.)
Cabby: You're damned lucky I happened along just when I did. You might'er got screwed --
Model: Guess you're right.

Page 6

(Model removes hand, recoils in horror!)
Cabby: Why baby-- whazza matter ?
Model: EEEK! That FACE!

Page 7

(Dismissing the hideous man-thing as she walks away.)
Model: It's not bad enough all this trouble but I've got to get frightened to death by a face like that!
(Cabby's head swirls in befuddlement as his turgid twat tickler wobbles forlornly.)

Page 8

Cabby: Ah well!
(Cabby spurts a few to the tune of Artist's portrait.)

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