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Smitty in An Office Idyll


Smitty the Office Boy shows the ropes to their new stenographer.


Probably a contemporary (40-50's?) copy.


"Smitty the Office Boy" was written by Walter Berndt from ~1920 until his retirement in 1979 at age 80. Smitty's name in the prototype of the comic was "Billy."






Page 1

Smitty wistfully soliloquizes, "Gosh! The boss's new steno looks like a hot number! I wonder if he's laid her yet. Maybe if she saw how big my dong is she'd screw for me like the last one."

Page 2

BossMan: Well? How about it, Miss Titts? Five bucks more a week if you act nice.
Steno: Well, looking at that thing of yours I'd say ten and I'll consider it.

Page 3

Steno: You may be a little fellow, Smitty, but you've got a big experience behind. I forsee quite a future ahead. Don't be long, kid--I want to sample that amazing cock!
WeaselBoy: I'm sure going to tell the boss what Smitty is doing!

Page 4

Steno: Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm coming! Oh Smitty!! You sure know how to prod a girl properly! I'd like to wrap you up like cellophane!!
Smitty: Shucks! Miss Titts!! This ain't nuthin! Wait until I get back in practice. I used to take care of our old steno all the time!
BossMan: So that's why I had to get a new steno! Smitty! You're fired!

Page 5

Steno: You fire him, you old fart, and I'll quit, too! Why, I haven't been laid like that since my old man died! If you want to jazz me, he stays!
BossMan: OK. I guess we'll just have to be one big happy family.

Page 6

BossMan takes his turn at bat.
Steno: Christ! You're a lousy lay! I should have made it at least fifteen bucks!
Smitty: Gosh! I guess the poor boss is getting old!

Page 7

BossMan: Well, I guess I can take it financially but the physical expense is going to tell on me!
Steno: See how a poor girl has to earn her living, Smitty? Why-- Smitty!

Page 8

Steno: I'm kind of tired, Smitty, but it seems a shame to let all that go to waste-- I'll tell you what, you go have your lunch and then I'll fix you up!
Smitty: Don't you worry about me, Miss Titts, I'm going to have my lunch right here!

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