Tijuana Bibles

The Katzenjammers in "Shipwrecked"


The Captain has the happy luck of being ashore when a sweet castaway washes up on his beach...







Page 1

(A negligee lady cruises the riptide in a boat flying a knickers flag.)
Lady: Oh--save me sir!!
Captain: Hold it lady -- in von minutes I ge pull you in --

Page 2

(Captain has saved the poor lady, and she is grateful.)
Captain: Vait -- I'll get these vet dings off --
Lady: Oh kind sir -- what can I ever do to repay you? For days I've been drifting in that horrid old life-boat.
(She kisses old pappy on the cheek.)

Page 3

(Captain kindly rolls over to receive his reward, doffing his trousers.)
Captain: Vell --if you vant to do something for me you could play vit dot dingbusted kidney-buster of mine.
Lady: Oh--isn't that a beauty -- I've never seen one quite that big before.

Page 4

(Captain mounts--all aboard!)
Captain: Dot's der stuff -- now it giffs a fockin' you'll nefer forget -- absolutel--
Lady: Mmm, it's wonderful, oh, but sir, I'm so awfully hungry

Page 5

Captain: Vell dod rot it-- vot vas I dinking-- of, of course you're hungry floatin' round in dot life-boat -- go ahead und eat all you vant -- und you'll find it's goot for der complekshum too--
Lady: BLUB
(The leetle Katzenjammers make their first appearance in this frame, peeking at the spectacle from behind a thatch of grass.)Hans: Hmmm -- so dot's it

Page 6

(Hans and Fritz run home to mamma, doing the wash.)
Both: Ooh, mommer, ve chust found out vot makes der captain so far -- dere's a strange lady blowin' him up down dere --
Mamma: VOT !

Page 7

(Mamma is quick to the beach with her rolling pin, catching der Captain and die Lady en das sechzig-neun!)
Mamma: !
Hans and Fritz: Dey both are goin' to get fat --und det's not all dere ketchen!
Captain and Lady: BLUB

Page 8

(Mamma has bashed Captain a few good ones, leaving him unconscious and sending the lady dashing off frame.)Mamma: Vot in hell? I knock him on der noodle und der dummox goes to sleep mit a smile und a hard-on -- de bevitskered old bastard! Dot's der foist time I've seen him vid a stiff prick in fife years und I'm goin' to use it
(Mamma hoists her petards and prepares the Captain for docking.)

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