If you are offended by depictions of sodomy, bestiality, "alternative sexual practices," racial and ethnic stereotypes, or just about anything else, you should leave now.
Tijuana Bibles

Tijuana Bibles were pornographic tracts popular in America before the advent of mass-market full-color glossy wank-fodder such as Playboy. A typical bible consisted of eight stapled comic-strip frames portraying characters and celebrities (eg. John Dillinger, Popeye, Disney characters) in wildly sodomistic situations. Many could be considered grossly racist, sexist, and otherwise wholly "politically incorrect." Browser discretion is advised.

My name is Quinn, and I've scanned in a few dozen of these literary gems.

Due to their underground nature, these works are largely anonymous. If you have any information on the authors, where the bibles were sold, personal stories, or wish to buy/sell or loan bibles for scanning, please contact me!


[ 03/16/2017 ] If you read Italian or don't mind running it through a translator, do please check out this write-up on Tijuana bibles by Michelangelo Scali. Oh, and if you send me a complete scan, I promise to add it. After ... a decade of inactivity? I'm bad.

[ 03/19/2012 ] Hakes is having another auction March 20th through 23rd featuring a dozen+ eight-pagers. Oh, and I removed those mobile ads mentioned below. Not worth the ridiculously annoying redirection behavior.

[ 11/23/2011 ] I'm trying out a new mobile ad service, but it seems as if it just redirects a hit to the homepage when it detects a mobile device. Not sure I like it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Will return soon to (a) remove it unless it yields hundreds of dollars a day and (b) do some site updates. I've been slacking, and for that I apologize. But hey, my wife "o/~ took the children away and [left] me alone o/~" a few months ago, so cut me some slack.

[ 6/21/2011 ] Todd at Hakes Americana and Collectibles has delighted me with three new scans of classic super-hero bibles: Plastic Man, Superboy, and Captain Marvel! Many thanks to Todd and to Hakes for their gracious contribution. Be sure to visit them for all your rare American pop-culture desires.

[ 6/8/2011 ] Our pal Todd at Hakes Americana and Collectibles has informed me that they are are currently running online auction #203 through June 21-23 with some large lots of bibles each starting at $175. Interested in selling? Check out their consignment page.

[ 6/8/2011 ] My current (free) host is experiencing some issues which may force me to shut down the site indefinitely sometime in July. If you know of any cheap hosting that can handle ~75K page hits per day, please let me know. I'll check out what kind of bandwidth I actually use and give an update.

[ 3/21/2011 ] With the help of Google, roughly translated Schneewittchen und die 7 Zwerge. If any native speakers can do better, contact me with any name or link to which you'd like your contribution attributed. I'm keen to add new bibles, so if anyone has any scans they want to contribute, do please send them. At least 640px width for the largest display size, but the better the quality, the better my scripts will handle the resizing.

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