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Geezil in "Gimme Beck"


Geezil is schnookered by a hooker -- or is he?



20040625 An anonymous reader writes: Geezil looks very similar to the work of Milt Gross' NIZE BABY when it was illustrated by George Herriman of Krazy Kat fame. There is an edition of NIZE BABY illustrated by Gross himself, but there is also a Herriman version. Milt gross specialized in humorous jewish dialect pieces.






Page 1

Floozy: Ah there, dark and handsome -- How would you like a little company? You look so lonesome over here all alone.
Geezil: Hah -- by me it's hokey -- sit down and have a samburger, I mean a hamwich

Page 2

Beefy Barkeep: Haw Haw!
Floozy: Listen Honey, couldn't you do something for a poor love-starved little girl like me? Gee, but I'd love to be loved by a great big he man like you
Geezil: Did you esking me? Don't be sillish! Couldn't I do something? Hah! Listen baby, I'll screw the hair off that thing -- where is it we should go?

Page 3

Floozy: Of course you know, dear, a girl has to live, but I'm only going to charge you five dollars.
Geezil: VOT!! I should pay you five bucks -- who do I look like -- John D Rottenfeller?

Page 4

Floozy: Aw honey -- you wouldn't let me down like that would you? I'm just dying for a fuck and what's five dollars for a big shot like you?
Geezil: Hmm, vell Mister Geezil the Shoe Gobbler was never a piker -- But for give dollars it should be good -- Hokay let's do it

Page 5

Geezil: Ah-- Ain't it nice you should be fucked so good?
Floozy: Yeah, but let's get it over

Page 6

Geezil: Listen baby, five bucks was such a price for just a fuck -- can't you let me play with it just a little, that I should get my money's worth?
Floozy: Oh well -- make it snappy -- only for a minute, you know

Page 7

(Close-up shot of Geezil six-packing the floozy. His deflated dongle dangles in the background.)

Page 8

(Geezil assumes a frighteningly furious facade!)
Geezil: Ah dot's it!! Now listen you bedroom boiglar!! I'm the boss -- one finger I got up your ass and my thumb in your cunt -- now, give it beck my five bucks or I rip out the partition!

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