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Dan Dunn


Dan Dunn investigates the case of the cunt-chomping cuckold.


Probably a contemporary (40-50's?) copy.


Norman Marsh spawned the Dick Tracy clone "Dan Dunn" in 1933 and drew it for ten years before joining the army in 1943. Source: Lambiek.Net.






Page 1

Detective Dunn asks, "I'm Detective Dunn. Did you wish to see me?"
Ah yes indeed, Mr. Dunn. I have every rreason to believe that my wife is leading a double life. She has reached the stage that any sexual approach on my part is repulsive to her. I will spare no expense in this matter but I must have the facts. Go to it!

Page 2

Dann peeks in on the Mrs. sneaking into the "Rocky Nook." He thinks, "Hmm, there she goes into that old bungalow. I'll wait til she gets in and then get over to that window and find out who she meets there.

Page 3

What did Dunn see through the window? Let's look--
Sexy lady on the chaise lounge inquires, "Well honey how did you manage to get away from your old man today?
Wifey replies, "Oh, I'm supposed to be at the matinee.

Page 4

Foxy Lady: Oh Hell, I guess I'll have to get busy. I suppose you've got a case of hot nuts again.
Wife: And how!! That phoney husband of mine was fooling around my snatch again and, as usual, couldn't get a hard-on -- Come on, you know what I want!

Page 5

Wifey: Oh Trixie, please don't tease me, my cunt is just burning up. Come on and fuck me.
Foxy Lady: Well, wait til I get this thing tied on, you ornery bitch!

Page 6

Wifey: Ooh Trixie!!
Foxy Lady: Now don't be selfish and go throwing your lump-- I want a little satisfaction out of this!

Page 7

Wifey yowls, "Ooooh, mmm, oh Trixie! I'm COMING!

Page 8

Dunn returns to the husband with his report: "Ah, Mister Peter Doubt, I beg to report that your suspicions are positively unfounded. Your wife has no paramour. But, if you would contribute to your domestic happiness, I'd advise you to buy a wimpus or a large dildoe, or still better-- take some lessons in SUCKING CUNTS!

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