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Gus and Gussie -- Having a Good Time


Gus enlightens Gussie as to the many ways a bad egg could take advantage of an "innercent" girl.


Probably a contemporary (40-50's?) copy.


"Gus and Gussie" (c. 1925) was written by Jack Lait (with Paul Fung.)






Page 1

Masher: How's the little girl this morning?
Gussie: Naughty Naughty
Gus: There's that egg playing with my mama's tits again. I'll have to tell her something-- hey, Gussie!

Page 2

Now, Gussie, I ain't scolding or nothin', but s'pose you let a guy feel your tits and he got all het up--and he tore yer waist down like that and left your milk route all bare, Huh?
Gussie: Oh--migosh!

Page 3

Gus: And then if you let him get away with that-- he might pull up your dress and grab a handfull of cunt and trip you up an' knock yer on yer ass-- How'd yer like that?
Gussie: Oh!

Page 4

Gus: And feelin' yer cooze would prob'ly get him all het up and excited an he'd tear hell out of your clothes like this.

Page 5

Gus: Then while you was settin' on the floor cryin' yer poor heart out-- the big bum would be climbing out of his jeens[sic] the times come when a girl has got to protect herself.
Gus: Do you think he'd do that, Gus?

Page 6

Gus: You see Gussie, the trouble with you is that you trust all these hams around here. Yer young an' innercent like me. How'd you feel if one of them eggs got yer down like this and stole yer cherry?
Gussie: Mmm-- yes-- Gus--

Page 7

Gus: Every guy ain't got my good principles, Gussie. Some of 'em would make yer get down and kiss the bird like this. What do yer think 'er that?
Gussie: [Blub blub] I wouldn't do it--

Page 8

Gus: Besides that yer know Gussie, some guys will take--
Gussie: Aw lay off the shit for a while and let's do some real screwing!

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