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E Nawder Titzoff Presents Geo Bungle


George Bungle has an idea to get rich quint.



The quints to which this bible refers are most likely the Dionne quintuplets, born in 1934. Their fame and subsequent commercialization exceeded that of any multiple births before or since, with Dionne dolls outselling those of Shirley Temple in the midst of the Great Depression.

The supposed author "E Nawder Titzoff" is a classic biblical attribution.




Donation (Bernard Wooley)


Page 1

George Bungle's pal Gus looks up from his newspaper. Gus: Say Bungle - I see by the paper that those quintuplets are worth nearly a quarter million dollars in cash that has been given them voluntarily by different folks - Wonderful, ain't it? George: Hmmm -- 250,000.00. Yeah Gus - Well - See you later.

Page 2

George: Listen Jo, I've got an inspiration - You and I are going to make a million dollars more or less -- The first thing you do is go right to bed and rest up good -- I'll be with you later Jo: Humph!! Have you got one of your brain-storms -- Well, I'll warn you, it better be good

Page 3

George jerks furiously into a pitcher with the aid of a wall painting of a reclining nude. A syringe awaits. George: A lot of guys wouldn't be able to jerk off four times in a row -- What an idea - Tell me - why not sex[sic]; Hmm - What do they call six kids at a time -- oh well, five will be plenty

Page 4

The Bungles retire to the boudoir. George: Ah!! That's it - Now I'm going to give you the fuckin' of your life Jo: Say!! What in Hell is this? What's that stuff you're shooting into me?

Page 5

George comes up short in the wood inventory. George: Whooo! Can you imagine that - and at a time like this? Quick Jo, play with a little an' see if you can't get it up -- Hurry! It's important! Jo: Dead as a doornail - Say George Bungle what's this all about?

Page 6

Jo grows suspicious. Jo: This has gone far enough - Now explain yourself - What was that junk in the old syringe you squirted into me

Page 7

Jo arises and leaks George's seed. George: Jo!! Do you know you're just throwin' a fortune out the window? That was four whole charges of my own sperm I injected into you - Now, all we've got to do is finish that fuck and you'll have quintuplets and we get rich -- Jo: WHAT!!!

Page 8

Jo: QUINTUPLETS!! WHERE'S MY DOUCHE BAG ? George shakes his head sadly as dreams of dollars fly away.

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