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Bebby Snooks in the Hay Loft


Little Bebby Snooks disobeys pappy and ends up harvesting all manner of strange growths in the hay loft.



As far as I can tell, "Bebby" Snooks was from a comic strip and radio show called "Baby Snooks and Daddy," possibly also animated by Warner Bros. Fanny Brice originated the character on stage in the late 20's, eventually voicing her on the radio in the 30's.

This is definitely one of my favorite bibles. The drawing is excellent, the content delightfully deviant, and the frames stuffed with twisted touches.




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Page 1

Snooks: Oh Daddy, watcha doin? Kin I go out an play?
Daddy: Awright Snooks, but stay outa the hay loft!

Dresser contains drawers labeled: vaseline, alum, etc. Daddy is masturbating through a dressmaker's mannequin onto a washing board draining into a tub marked "mayonnaise."

Page 2

Snooks: Hey Dopey.. Daddy says there's a big, bad bear in the hay loft. C'mon along, willya?
Dopey: WILL WE?!.. kin a mink fahck? C'mon Curly..
Curly: Honk-Honk.

Trees at left are engaging in intercourse. Flowers between Snooks and Curly smooch innocently.

Page 3

Dopey: Goosey! Goosey! Kin I hev wut I find, Snooks?
Snooks: Wut're ya tryin' to do, Dopey, cut yer hand?

The lower level of the barn is apparently the "Horzizzaz Dept." A horse squeezes out a pile of spherical droppings. An owl comments (illegibly) on the situation. Curly whistles in anticipation.

Page 4

Curly: GEEZ! He'll never git to heaven wit dat tool!
Snooks: Aw .. you said your peter'd feel good in me .. I can't feel it at all .. I'm goin' home!

Curly looks on in disappointment as Dopey attempts to mount Snooks, his manhood woefully unsuited to the task. A mouse leaps from a bale of hay, inexplicably exclaiming, "Here goes nuthin'."

Page 5

Curly: Usem cucumber
Dopey: Gee .. couldn't ya find a ear o'corn, Curly?

Curly suggests the use of a vegetable prosthetic.

Page 6

Snooks: OH-AH-UMPH!
Dopey: This'll put hair on your little twat, Snooksie!

Dopey succeeds in pleasuring(?) Snooks with his nubbed produce, while Curly takes oral advantage of his under-developed friend's boy-schlong.

Page 7

Daddy: So .. you wuz in the hayloft. Din't I tell you a big bad bear would get you?
Snooks: But it wuzn't a big bad bear, Deddy .. It wuz a big worm .. not "bad" either. M-m-m NOT BAD!

Snooks returns, dazed and dreaming of smiley-faced hairy man-dong, dripping alive with pleasure. Daddy scolds her as a wonderfully bizarre mammarian creature lactates in the foreground, labeled "Jist fillin space here, folks!" Daddy seems to have left a dump in his pajamas.

Page 8

Snooks: WAH-H
Dopey: Snooks is blushin' aroun her asshole!
Curly: Looks good from here!

Daddy beats the blushing behind of Bebby Snooks as his mannequin implores him to "Hurry Up."

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