Tijuana Bibles

The Nurse


Convalescence through the filter of Penthouse Forum.


From slang, 60's vintage, from a lot of 17.






Page 1

Look on the bright side-- I don't have to give you any nasty shots today. Now what can Miss Titly do for you today? These love stories you gave me sure get me hot.

Page 2

I can see why you would be warm-- it's that old heavy blanket. I'll take it off and then you'll be nice and cool. Uh...well, I guess.

Page 3

Mr. Dudly, it looks like you're ready for a discharge any second now! (My God, it's the biggest prick I've ever seen or heard of!)

Page 4

Oh, Miss Titly, that's nice...that's really nice. (Yum-yum! I'll just play with my cunt while I eat him. Mmm. Better get it in my cunt before he explodes.)

Page 5

Oh shit-- I'm ripping your buttons off. FUCK IT just take it off and squeeze my tits!!

Page 6

Come on now, Dudly, get all of that big mother fucker inside me!!

Page 7

Oh Titly!! I'm coming I'm coming oh FUCK! Oh yeah you sure are-- oh OH OH me toooo! (splat)

Page 8

Ooh, we can't waste all of this nice nice juice now, can we? (slurp!)

Page 9

Is this any way to run a hospital? You bet your ASS it is!

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