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Polly -- It's Really an Art


Polly is drawn (and skewered) by a young artiste.


Probably a contemporary (40-50's?) copy.


"Polly and Her Pals" ran from 1912 until its author Cliff Sterrett's retirement in 1958. Maw and Paw Perkins and their daughter Polly were the main characters.






Page 1

Old Guy: Hey young feller are you the artist guy what's going to paint mom's picture?
Artist: I am sir, but I've decided to paint your daughter's first and demand the utmost privacy.

Page 2

Daughter: Why do you insist on my posing in the nude, Mr. Earl?
Mr. Earl: Because your type always inspires more that way.

Page 3

Daughter: Any way you say, Mr. Earl.
Mr. Earl: I'm glad you're an agreeable model Miss Polly. It makes everything so much easier.
(The licentious Mr. Earl produces his pecker from his pin stripe pantaloons.)

Page 4

Polly: Don't you think this is an awfully odd pose?
Earl: Yes, but I'm sure you'll enjoy the result, Miss Polly.

Page 5

Polly: Why you dear boy! I didn't know you liked to jazz. Why didn't you say so?
Earl: I need an inspiration, don't I!

Page 6

Polly: See, you foolish boy, all the time we lost on account of you being so bashful--
Earl: Take it easy, Polly-- don't break it!

Page 7

Pappy peeks in the keyhole, exclaims, "Wal--so that's the kind of artist that bird is-- SO!
A quivering "IM COMING" word balloon wafts above the impassioned Polly and Earl.

Page 8

Pappy visits Mammy. Ma: Cut it out, Paw--I've got to get ready for that artist feller!
Paw: Not on yer life! I've tended your artistry for not less than 30 years and I guess I can still do it!

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